Over the span of three decades, CULT has made transformism his own stylistic code, always remaining faithful to own rebellious identity towards conventions of fashion, strong in an innovative and anticipatory spirit which has decreed its success through the ages.

Music, rock and its icons have inspired the collections. Like the great myths of music, the brand loves change, innovate, without ever ceasing to experiment to give the public strong and vibrant emotions, from wear every day.

Since 1987 Cult has been synonymous of counterculture, rock ‘n’ roll, and rebel style, the typical bolt boot with steel toe is the iconic shoe worn by generations of young rockers, punk and rebels all over Europe.

Each collection passes through the desire to express oneself through a winning mix of iconic models with a impactful monochrome palette. The stylistic contamination comes to life through a effortless and contemporary mood that refers to the rock aesthetic but which has expanded its vision over time for leave the mark with a universal language

For its ability to promote a nonconformist lifestyle imbued with fun and cool attitude, Cult has no age and underlines the desire for transformation. Different generations are connected through a dialogue between past, present and future which translates into combat boots, derbies and ankle boots always on-trend.

Between different generations that grew up in different historical periods who appreciate the crossover between the 80s and 90s and its aesthetic suggestions. It was the first fashion shoe in history to propose the steel tip, highlighting it as transgressive element.

Cult wants to make its aesthetic vision more and more incisive, which makes every shoe a classic timeless thanks to contaminations between history and contemporary appeal.

Through sourcing every creative idea comes transformed into an iconic model considered immediately best seller of the contemporary lifestyle thanks to its versatility. Women, men, young people, adults love Cult.

Each shoe is unique, unrepeatable and strongly connected with the brand identity. Cult is beyond the seasons, it goes beyond the boundaries of time and at the same time it is constantly changing because it transmits it’s style with different volumes and shapes.


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